Advanced Technology and Engineering Solutions

Global Business Solution

ATES contribute to develop business relationships between SMEs of Asian counties and Japan. ATES supports both Japanese companies and SMEs of Asian counties mainly India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar who are seeking to develop their business in either or both countries. Our company offers proven capacity for facilitation, market research and consulting in various fields including corporate compliances, International trades, export/import regulations, joint venture, bilateral trade, technology transfer, education, translation, etc.

Our Supports for business development in Asia
 Local market research
 Finding of marketing partner/affiliation partner
 Planning assistance in marketing strategy
 Assistance in employment of local staff
 Assistance in registry and incorporation

Our Services
We along with our local partners have team of professionals in the following fields providing assured services
 Setting up Office and Infrastructure
 IT supports
 Tax accountant
 Specialist in social insurance
 Administrative scrivener
 Judicial scrivener
 Consulting on M&A of Japanese companies

Fields of our specialty
 Information Technology
 Trade (Export/Import)

 Sales agency
 Negotiation agency
 Trading party's credit check
 Corroboration of agreement with trading parties

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